November 2021

Managing Property Across Borders

October 2021

Transferring Property from a Deceased Estate

September 2021

How to Approach a Move

August 2021

A Better Way of Handing Over the Keys to your Home

July 2021

Misunderstandings Surrounding Fixtures and Fittings

June 2021

Ramifications of the Voetstoots Clause

May 2021

Buying Your First Family Home?
Weigh Up The Pros And Cons With A Free-Standing House And One In A Gated-Community

April 2021

Going Off The Grid

March 2021

Does a Home Office Add Value to Your Property?

February 2021

Keep Your Will Current

January 2021

2021 – Looking Forward To It Or Not?
What Can We Expect In 2021?
Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life

December 2020

Why South Africa Needs More Female Entrepreneurs
Start A Female-Headed Business In 2021
The Competitive Advantage

November 2020

The Quickest Way To Become Mortgage Free
The Finance-Savvy Homeowner
Safeguard Yourself And Accelerate Your Financial Portfolio

October 2020

Property Investment: Why Owning A Second Home Is A Good Move
Your Retirement Nest Egg: Do Your Homework
Property Investment: A Word To The Wise

September 2020

Experian Upholds a Culture of Integrity to stop Identity Theft
Identity Theft: A Lesson to be Learnt
Data Breach: It’s Important to know how your Personal Information is Managed
Experian upgrades Security Protocols and so should we

August 2020

Interest Rates Drop and How it affects the Property Market
Is it a Good Time to Sell and Upscale?
Should I opt for a Fixed Interest Rate on my Homeloan?
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